George Painter Diary – September 1, 1863

Hospital Boat – Woodford

September was a rough month for the boys on the Mississippi Marine Brigade. During this time they were waiting for orders to move troops from place to place. There were so many sick, that a hospital boat was needed.

Here is George’s entry in his diary for September 1 with spelling and punctuation changed for easier reading.

Tuesday, September 1, 1863

Still laying at Griffith’s Landing and the Major got the boys to carry in wood. The general talk is that we are going up the river. The weather is cool and more pleasant than heretofore. I had a chill and fever.

Below if the diary entry in George’s own words with spelling and punctuation left as it appeared in his diary.

Tuesday. September. 1st. 1863.

Still laying at Grifets landing And the Major got the boys to cary in wood and the General talk is that we are going up the river The weather is cool and much pleasanter then here to fore. I had a chill and feaver,

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