George Painter Diary – September 1, 1863

September was a rough month for the boys on the Mississippi Marine Brigade. During this time they were waiting for orders to move troops from place to place. There were so many sick, that a hospital boat was needed. Here is George’s entry in his diary for September 1 with spelling and punctuation changed for … Continue reading

Civil War Diary of Pvt. George Painter – July 1, 1863

July , of course, was the month when the Union Army took control of Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. The Mississippi Marine Brigade began the month at Goodrich’s Landing in Louisiana under the command of Col. Alfred Ellett causing disturbances to keep additional Confederate troops away from Vicksburg. George tells of the … Continue reading

Life in the Mississippi Marine Brigade

Discover how Private George Painter, a Civil War soldier from Richland County, Ohio spent 1863 in the Mississippi Marine Brigade. George faithfully wrote in his diary every day during 1863 to report on his military service. It all begins when General Alfred W. Ellet organizes the brigade and finds that he needs more men for … Continue reading

George Painter Background

George Painter was born on April 2, 1842 to Hamilton and Matilda Painter. He grew up on a farm in Richland County, Ohio. He was named for his father’s brother. George had five brothers and one sister and the family attended the local Methodist Episcopal Church. When the call for volunteers came in 1862, George … Continue reading

Union Civil War Diary – Just Published

“Life in the Mississippi Marine Brigade” has finally been published after a couple years of research, writing, and rewriting. The book is based on a diary of George Painter for the year 1863. The story begins when my son had the opportunity to purchase the diary through his antique business. Since he knows that mom … Continue reading

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