Civil War Diary of Pvt. George Painter – July 1, 1863

Brigadier General Alfred W. Ellet commanded the Mississippi Marine Brigade.

July , of course, was the month when the Union Army took control of Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. The Mississippi Marine Brigade began the month at Goodrich’s Landing in Louisiana under the command of Col. Alfred Ellett causing disturbances to keep additional Confederate troops away from Vicksburg.

George tells of the violence taking place around them with buildings being burned and even the bodies of some of those involved in battle. Here is his post from July 1, 1863 from Goodrich’s Landing with words and punctuation changed for easier reading.

Wednesday, July 1, 1863

As we had no opportunity to muster yesterday, we did the job today. Captain Wright was buried this morning. He was killed yesterday during the fight. Furthermore, of the casualties of yesterday’s experiences, the rebs burned every building through the county as far out as we went and they burned some Negroes and the bodies of some white officers. After muster, we left Goodrich’s Landing and ran down to port near Vicksburg and anchored. There is a continual roaring of artillery from both parties at the lines.

This is the original entry in George’s diary with no corrections.

Wednesday. July. 1st. 1863.

As we had not the opportunity to muster yesterday we done up the job to day. And Capt, Wright was burried this morning he was killed yesterday dureing the fight And futhermore of the casualities of yesterdy’s experience is that the rebbs burnt every building through the county as far out as we went and they burnt some negros and the bodies of some white officers after muster we left Goodridge landing and run down to port near vicksburg and anchord And there is a centinuel roareing of artilery from both parties at the lines

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