Union Civil War Diary – Just Published

“Life in the Mississippi Marine Brigade” has finally been published after a couple years of research, writing, and rewriting. The book is based on a diary of George Painter for the year 1863.

The story begins when my son had the opportunity to purchase the diary through his antique business. Since he knows that mom enjoys writing stories about true events, he challenged me to turn the diary into a book.

My first challenge was to transcribe the words of George Painter exactly as he wrote them. Included were his original words, some misspelled, as well as punctuation and grammar as George wrote it while traveling down the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

When I shared a page of the early transcription with friends, they felt it was too cumbersome to read in its original writing so suggested that I rewrite it in a smoother English style that would be easy to read.

My final decision was to use them both. In the book, the original written by George has been placed in a box while the easier to read section is above it in italics throughout the book.

My comments and additional information are written in regular print wherever it seemed to be needed for clearer explanation of events.

My hope is that you will find the diary easy to read and enjoyable.

The book is available at this time through Amazon at

I will be getting a shipment of books shortly for those wishing an autographed copy.

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